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 Application [GM],{MOD} and [DEV] now open

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PostSubject: Application [GM],{MOD} and [DEV] now open   Wed Jul 18, 2012 1:26 pm

* If you do not read this thread, i will delete your topics without warning. *
* If you do not respect the application forum, I will delete your topics without warning. *

Our DEV team as Developed a way to give different powers to each account.

As a GM you will be expected to help out on the Forum (specifically Tech problems section).
If you are found to abuse your permissions, you will be dismissed straight away.
As a GM you are required to follow All in game rules and all GM rules and as i said before, any disrespect or abuse of the rules can end in a dismissal.

In no way are you allowed to do the following:

* Pking (this includes healing, buffing, debuffing and attacking).

* Leveling (Powerleveling a noob account of yours or even another player is 100% against our rules and will lead to instant dismissal if sufficient proof is given, and trust me, we can get proof ).

* Buying/Selling/Upgrading items for other players/your other characters.

* Grinding on any Public maps (where players can go at the same time as you, you can still grind in dungeons but with no players in your party, or assisting players in a dungeon by dealing damage to mobs).

* Giving players and noob accounts Dil isnt allowed and is punishable.
* If you Lvling ppl or Pking, buy items...etc. you will be kicked out of team without warning.

Please leave a post with your application and the following info:

- Real Name:

- IGN (In Game Name):

- Level:

- Age:

- Country:

- Language:

- Dekaron Game Experience:

- Experience on the position:

- Information about you (why should we choose you?):

- Ideas for our server:

* When we select people who will be part of the staff we will contact you by MSN / Skype and we will give you the necessary information for the [GM]/{MOD} account.
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Application [GM],{MOD} and [DEV] now open
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